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Cooking tips to myself:

1. When you get home from the grocery store, put on the water to boil and cut up and blanch the broccoli, etc. (He said, thinking of the yellowed and aged broccoli that has been known to lurk in the crisper)

2. Also take out your fresh parsley, basil, or cilantro and make herb paste instantly. (He said, looking down at the sorrowfully wilted cilantro from last week's farmer's market).


Jeopardy Questions

One of the panels at Gaylaxicon was a "Jeopardy!" game of GLBTQ Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff, but the questions were so poorly written that few of them could be answered by the contestants -- many times, the entire audience was stumped as well.

That got me thinking, "Hey, I could write better 'Jeopardy!' questions." Here's an example I thought of last night, watching True Blood: 

In True Blood, when this character's cousin is told "What do you mean, 'if you get lucky'? Your standards are so low you always get lucky," the response is, "Hallelujahs. Yes'm. Hallelujahs."


Gaylaxicon 2009

Notes on a Panel of Gay Sci Fi Writers:

What Makes it Interesting?

Girls rarely like Fantasy/Sci Fi/Horror

Female Heroes

Violate expectations; transgress. Something about skin?
(Gothic romance)

(good, old) (no sex) Vampires
("abstinence porn")
(cult) Twilight.
Dracula is not hot. Gross! Travel:

It has become the backbone of the eastern Washington economy. At the Ace Hardware in a town of 900 people, over 1,000 people come from all over the world, every day.
Snarky commentary summaries on LiveJournal.

Leatherdale, Clive. The Origins of Dracula: The Background to Bram Stoker's Gothic Masterpiece. Westcliff-on-Sea Essex U.K.: Desert Island Books, 1995. 

Takeshi Kaneshiro in Perhaps Love. Gay incest yaoi. 
Anime always seems to go places where others fear to tread.
. Angels, bisexual, sex with. (Milton)
Alexander the Great's Body was encased in honey.
They stilll haven't found it. True Blood.

Vampire listserves of the 1980s.
"Rich is sexy."
"I don't know what that's about"
(note, the author was surprised to find it was popular,
it was hot. Why? Don't know.
Try writing another one.)

Fiction of fandom.
Reader->Writer. Writer->Reader.
(Mostly the Former)
Key to a successful series?
  1. Early on, have a story.
  2. Then, begin the unending sex scenes.
They are predators. I mean, bisexuals.
Nope, predators. Wait!
But where's the identity politics?
Autobiography, BDSM blood fetishists.
The create clans, not sexualized attracting.
Octavia Butler, Fledgling.
Where Community Replaces One True Love.
(As opposed to, oh I'll take lots of sex, thank you, but then monogamy.)
Polyamory, and other reasons why Sci-Fi conventions are good places to talk about alternative sex lives.
The demon sadist is able to destroy the body of his masochist, then heal it again.

Did you know that time tavel romance was hilarious?
Strong Women go back in time to meet Strong Men.
Mina Harper was a 'new woman.'
Mr. Darcy, Vampire
Pride and Prejudice and...well, ok.
Throwaway Romance
Classic, Gothic.
You know, Dark Angels. But what the hell, with
Steampunk? I don't get that?
Wait, what? Steampunk is the one thing I get. Let me talk!
No, wait, let him talk.
The press, silly. The commercial vs. ugh, the decline of the
queer , uhm press.
Stylistic conventions, formulae, genre problem
sex v. politics
Just give me the sex!


The Waste Land recited by Craig Swenson

This really brought the poem to life for me late Friday evening. This tripod webpage is 'hyperlinked' with commentary and intertexts; Bartleby is a good plain-Jane version of the text.


Somewhere in Mineral Wells, there is an old washing bucket with the
slogan "It's all in the rubbing!" wood-burned into one of the slats of
the washing-board.


Saturday afternoon Art

I finally made it down to see the photography exhibit "Somali Diaspora" by Abdi Roble, just before it closed. I feel that for the first time I understand what 'documentary photography' entails: careful attention to details, grouping pictures into a narrative, and capturing as much as possible the roles and personalities of the people involved along with evoking the settings they come from. (It's a lot like biography in these respects.) Here, we first follow a single Somali family from rural Kenya to California and finally to Portland, Maine, and then we get general views of much larger Somali communities in Ohio and here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Favorite Amazon Product Reviews...


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Don't be fooled by the name - these are FROM CHINA, January 24, 2009

These dried mushrooms are called "funghi porcini" on the label,
implying that they are of Italian origin. Nowhere in the product
description is the country of origin listed, as it is with more
scrupulous retailers. I took the chance and bought these based on the
name, discovering later that these mushrooms are a product of China.
Actually "China/Yugoslavia", which is even worse as it suggests not
only questionable harvesting practices but that the mushrooms have been
sitting around since the early 1990s.

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A day or two ago I had a variation on a recurring dream. I'm in summer school classes of some sort. Parts of the day I go to my classes as expected of me, but I take one or two hour breaks throughout the day. This seems completely natural -- life-giving, even. I often hang out with Adam. In one break, we are canoeing on a river.

Gradually, I realize that there are major responsibilities I've simply been foregoing. A nice counselor man with long black hair and a sympathetic face appears at one point. He looks a bit like Yanni, but with a more American face, sort of like Bob Saget. He explains patiently that I have been missing entire classes, seminars, workshops. And this is odd to him, because I signed up for these things in the first place. Isn't this what I want? he asks. 

Every weekday from 5pm to 6:30, for example, there is a theater workshop I registered to attend. I see the poster for it on a wall.  I imagine myself learning to act by practicing with my peers, other young smart people. Maybe a girl. I feel that would be great fun. I can see I would have registered for it, though I'm frightened that I can't recall any such thing. And 5pm - 6:30pm every day seems too much of a burden. How will I have the energy to cook dinner after the workshop? Won't I be cranky from exhaustion before we even get started on this workshop? At the same time, doesn't any kind of enrichment require extra effort? 


On Tuesday, whilst drinking myself to a stupor in the afternoon,21st_medici  seemed to question whether I went about grading papers and planning lessons properly. I crashed into a depressed, loathsome sort of state, and cried profusely at a coffee shop. Looking back, that actually seems funny.

Thursday afternoon, I met up with 21st_medici  at the public library, where he seemed to me to be unusually quiet. I guess maybe I should have just thought that was because we were in the library. But with careful prodding, I managed to have him snap at me, thus confirming that he was in a bad mood. I told him what a bad mood he seemed to be in, and he remarked that was surely the thing to make it all better. This as well is an amusing thing to recount, now that it is past.

Dog days, I suppose. Leave us lie.

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